Where Can I Learn Technical English?

With the demand for technical English skills growing by the year, this could well be a great time for you to consider technical writing in English as a new career path. Most writers work from home so this is the kind of work you can do in your pyjamas if that is your ultimate idea of a good job.

But what is technical English? Technical English is about providing clear information and instructions to users of technology through manuals or other kinds of media. It differs from other kinds of writing in that it has to be extremely concise, understandable and accurate. 

Technical writing may have these features as its overriding concept but within this discipline there are also specialisms. For example, different types of technologies have different jargon and terms associated with them.

Subject Matter Experts, or SMEs, will know immediately if a writer does not actually know anything about the terms they are using as the context and terminology will be blatantly inaccurate. The knock on effect will be that the material being written about will not be trusted or believed by the target audience.

So, in order to become a proficient technical writer, you should not only learn the art of technical writing but also know where your technical interests lie and what your limitations are.

The good think about technical English is that it is what we call a transferrable skills. This means that it is the kind of skill you can pop into your career portfolio which will always be valued by employers as it shows that you can write with command, direction and clarity. 

This may seem like quite an easy thing to do if you are a very clear thinker but believe me, it does not come so easily to all. If you enjoy expounding on complex philosophies or asking more questions than you answer in your writing, technical writing may not be for you but technical English may still be a skill you wish to refine.

There are many courses available online to support you learn technical English. You can even get guidance from YouTube if that’s the way you like to learn. The key thing is that you recognise yourself the reasons you want to do a course.

If you are seeking an accredited qualification, look for a course that is associated with a professional body or a university or college. Check what qualifications are required for the field that you are interested in and choose accordingly.

The plethora of information and courses available to learn technical English through various different media can be confusing so getting good careers advice is an excellent idea. If you just want to learn technical English for fun though, you could self-teach through the free resources available on the internet or through buying a recommended book.

Once you become proficient and start to make money from what you have learnt, you will start to specialise in particular fields. You may also find that this work requires additional skills such as the incorporation of graphics into the manuals/articles you write. You will build up a number of resources to support your work so why not start off with using graphics cards to help you incorporate great images into your work. For a great insight into the best around, visit techsiting.com.

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