Should you type directly in PTE Write from Dictation?

If you have looked at the PTE Write from dictation question type in PTE exam, you must have thought about this: Type directly, or first listen and remember, or take notes and then type in the end. The right approach depends upon the individual and in this video we will help you make this decision.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of the various options!

Type directly

If you are comfortable typing on a keyboard and if you have a reasonably fast typing speed, then this option is for you. Most likely you work in an office environment that requires you to use a computer, or you are student who uses a computer on a daily basis or you have simply been using computers for years and typing on them is as natural to you as writing on paper. While practising for PTE, you will come to know your comfort level.

First write on the scratchpad and then type

In this option you will first write down the words as you listen on the rough scratchpad given to you. Once the audio ends, you will read from your notes and type on the keyboard. To be successful in this you should have a fairly good writing speed. If you are not able to write everything down, you should be able to remember what was said. We don’t recommend the other option of neither typing or writing first and depending entirely on your memory at the end.

Type as you write on paper

So, the approach we recommend to our students is that they should type directly but in a manner as if they are writing on paper. If you were writing on paper and the speaker moves ahead while you are still finishing a word, what will you do? You will simply leave that word and start writing whatever the speaker is on now. Do the same when you are typing. If the speaker has moved on, you should also move on to the next word. At the same time try to understand what is being said. If you do that, you will be able to complete the words you didn’t finish in the first go.

You might say you are not very confident of typing directly on keyboard. Then we will ask you this question: How much do you write on paper everyday? These days we hardly use pen and paper. So, it actually comes down to just getting sufficient typing practice. In most cases typing on a keyboard after some practice is faster than writing on paper by hand.

That is the definitive answer once and for all! Type as if you are writing on paper, but make sure you get sufficient practice. Once you decide your approach try it out with the help of some good PTE mock tests!

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