Practice Test 3 –┬áSummarize Spoken Text

In the Summarize Spoken Text questions in the PTE Academic, you will hear an audio and will have to write a short summary of what you have heard and understood.

The task in essence is similar to the Summarize Text questions in the writing section, with a few differences. In this task, you can write more than one sentence. Your response should be between 50 and 70 words.

In the exam you will find 2~3 questions of this type. For each question you will be given 10 minutes. The time leftover from one question cannot be carried forward to the next. So, make sure you use the entire 10 minutes given to you for a particular question.

Note taking plays a big role in this question type. You will not always be able to remember everything, so take some notes. When you start writing, you should consider the notes and what you remember, in forming your response.