Question types for maximum score in PTE Academic

We are not going to tell you which question types carry the most score in PTE Academic. That is something nobody knows except for Pearson. However, we are going to tell you which question types you should focus on first. These question types are easier than others and it is relatively simpler getting a full score in these. So, when you start your PTE preparation make sure to target these first.

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Answer Short Question

This is by far the simplest question type. You will have 10 to 12 questions of this type and for each you need to speak only one or couple of words. It can’t get easier than this in the speaking section. So, as long as you don’t panic and use your general awareness to answer there is no reason why you should not get full marks in PTE Answer Short Question.

Repeat Sentence

Another question type in the speaking section, repeat sentence is also very simple. A few questions might be longer than the others, but as long as you focus on understanding the meaning and maybe write down a word or two to remember, you should be able to handle all questions in PTE Repeat Sentence. If you have been struggling with these question types you just need more practice and need to get used to listening to English audio.

Write from dictation

PTE Write from dictation is very similar to Repeat Sentence, except that the sentences in this are even shorter. You need to listen and write it down. Focus on understanding the meaning and note down some words to remember. Then without thinking too much you can reproduce the sentence.

Highlight incorrect words

PTE Highlight incorrect words is an interesting question type from the listening section of PTE. You need to simply follow the audio and look at the transcript. The key here is to not get left behind and to not get stuck on one single word. Just keep moving the cursor and keep clicking on the words you suspect are different from what you have just heard.

Write Essay

You might be surprised to see the PTE Write Essay question type on this list! First of all, this question type is one of the only two in writing, so that makes it very important. Secondly, with sufficient prior practice most of us can write good essays. If you aren’t able to write good essays it is either because you are not following a proper method or because you are writing in a poor structure or not developing your ideas properly. So, while not as easy as Answer Short Question, you can still score well at essays in PTE, if only you put in some effort.

Reorder Paragraphs

Another one that is easy with some practice and preparation is the PTE Reorder Paragraphs question type. Each correct pair gets you a point in reorder paragraph questions. Getting all paragraphs in the right order might be a challenge for most of us, things become simple once we start looking at it two paragraphs at a time. There are simple rules to get you started and once you have done a bit of practice you will find yourself doing quite well on this.

Select missing word

PTE Select missing word is again a question type which looks difficult in theory but in actually practice comes down to a few simple things. One, can you catch and remember the last few words and two, have you been able to understand the core idea of the audio even a little bit. If you are successful in these two things, then you just need to pick the options one by one and find the option that fits in the best.

Don’t get us wrong! For a 79 plus score you need to do well on all the question types. Each question type requires proper preparation and you should spend time on it. But the question types we have discussed in this article, are the ones easier than the others. These are the low hanging fruits that you shouldn’t miss.

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