Write from Dictation PTE

Your writing skills are put to the test in this section, however, just as importantly you must listen very carefully. This assessment will go towards your overall listening and writing score, writing, listening, reading and speaking do tend to overlap, just like in the real world and in academic environments.

In the Write from Dictation PTE questions, you will hear audio. It is short audio. Your task is simply to write what you have heard.

Your score depends upon how accurately you write what you have heard. If you miss any words or write words that were not in the audio, or make spelling mistakes, you will lose marks.

This may sound super simple, but in actual fact, you need to be on the ball. You will only hear each sentence once, but don’t worry, once is enough if you know how to prepare.  Points are given for writing every word correctly and including all words said in the audio. 

Properly Prepare Yourself for the Exam

How can you prepare properly for this task and get a great mark on the actual exam? By following the advice below:

  • What is the point in taking notes if you can’t understand them? Good quality notes may be the difference between passing and failing so take extra care in writing neatly and in a format that you will understand.
  • Spelling words correctly. You can enhance your spelling by reading more. Reading academic literature, or even a fictional book that caught your eye in the library will expose you to correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation without you realizing that you’re revising.
  • Answer all the questions. As mentioned above, you will hear each audio once. If you skip a question because you don’t remember every point, you certainly won’t remember any more if you come back to it later as you will have moved on and heard more audios. You run the risk of confusing yourself and mixing up words from different questions.
  • The best thing is to write what you can remember with perfect spelling and grammar, that way you will at least get some points for what you do write, instead of none at all for missing it out completely.
  • Do as many previous exam questions as you possibly can. The more you practice, the easier the process will be for you. It takes time to understand how to write your notes during the audio and remembering the sentence may take some practice.
  • Please write the words in the correct order. Writing the correct words but in the wrong sequence won’t get you any points.

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Question 1

Question 2

Question 3

Question 4

Question 5

Question 6

Question 7

Question 8

Question 9

Question 10

Question 11

Question 12

Question 13

Question 14

Question 15

Question 16

Question 17

Question 18

Question 19

Question 20

Now that you have gone through it once, go back and listen to the audio again to see if you wrote the sentence down word for word. Look out for any spelling mistakes, even missing out a period at the end of the sentence will lose you points.

If in your notes you managed to write the audio word for word clearly then fantastic! But if not, have a look at the keywords we have identified. Being able to identify the keywords in the audio will make taking notes easier as you can jot them down in order and remember any linking words that come in between.

Practicing a couple of questions like these per day will get you to the level needed to pass the exam, so keep practicing.

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