PTE Summarize Spoken Text – Method Practice and Tips – Expert Lecture

In today’s lesson we will look into the PTE Summarize Spoken Text question type. Part of the Listening Section, in PTE Summarize Spoken text you will listen to an audio of 60~90s duration and will then have to write a 50~70 words summary in 10 minutes. This is similar to the PTE Summarize text question in the Writing section. However, in this you can write more than one sentence.

After watching this video lecture, go to PTE Summarize Spoken Text Practice Questions to test your understanding in a real exam like software.

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Video Lecture and Question Transcript

Watch this step by step video to understand how to write a high score response for Summarize Spoken Text questions. The Sure Way English online PTE Course contains more than a hundred such videos. You will also receive scored PTE Mock Tests and several other practice tests.

Small asteroids but up in the Earth’s atmosphere and they give a wonderful fireball like this. They often also breakup and people near the front and people near the front will be able to see that there are some blobs because this is already begun to break up. And maybe nothing from that will land on Earth. Maybe it will all burn up or maybe something the size of your fist may land  on the Earth and it could go through the roof of your car  which is not good for the car or it could go through the roof of your house which is not good for the house but it’s not going to kill 100s of people or wipe out life on Earth.

These are couple of images of the one that came in over Siberia in the middle of February. This bottom one isn’t a good photo but I have included it because you can see it is beginning to break up into bits. Turns out this asteroid had a collision with another one and so was already quite stressed at the point it came into Earth’s atmosphere. As it comes into atmosphere it gets very hot, it starts burning, it releases gas and the gas can make the thing explode and that’s what happened in this case.

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