PTE Tutorial | Describe Image, Write Essay and Vocabulary for PTE Exam

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The video includes:

  • A complete tutorial on the PTE Describe Image question type
  • Review of the last week’s practice topic and a new practice topic for this week – This post contains the sample essay for last week’s practice topic
  • Super words to add to your PTE vocabulary

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PTE Describe Image Tutorial

The end to end tutorial starts with the basics and then walks you through a step by step method to construct a high scoring response. You will usually find 5 to 6 items of this question type in the exam. You will see an image on the screen and will then have to speak and describe what the image is about. The computer will give you 25 seconds to analyze the image and prepare your response. After these 25 seconds you will have another 40 seconds to give your response.

The kind of images that you can find in your exam are – bar charts, line graphs, pie charts, tables, maps and photos. You may also get questions with a mix of these images. For e.g. An image with a pie chart and a table. In such a case you will have to analyze all parts of the image and correlate the information in each with the other part.

To score well, you must take care of a few important points:

  1. Make sure that your response covers the major points
  2. Make sure that your response comes across as fluent
  3. Make sure that your speech has the right pronunciation

While it’s important to cover all key points, it’s equally important to note that this question type is mainly a speaking question type. Some students struggle to do everything in the 40 seconds they have. They either spend too much time trying to cover all points and struggle with their speech or speak superfast without paying any attention tot he content. If you fall in either of these categories, try to strike a balance.

If you keep a structure in your mind for describe image responses, not only will it make it easier for you to construct a response, but will also help you get a better score through your well structured response. Now, what is a well structured response? A well structured response should have the following parts:

  1. An overview statement, much like the introduction of an essay, but only a sentence or two that will give the general idea of what the image is about.
  2. This should be followed by a few sentences covering the key points in the image.
  3. If possible, add a statement or two making comparisons and noticing any trends.
  4. Finally, make a concluding statement if possible.

Always keep an eye on the 40 second timer. If you find that you are about to run out of time and you are still talking about the main points in the image, it is better to cut that short and jump to a conclusion.

Practice Topic of the week

Last week’s PTE Write Essay practice topic was:

Australian Government has been developing new suburbs far away from the main city to ease the housing problem. This results in a huge pressure on the transport system. Do you think it is a good idea to develop suburbs far away from the city?

The sample essay response on this topic is:

Governments all over the world are struggling to find ways to deal with the increasing population problem. This is also evident in Australia where the Government has now been developing new residential areas further away from the main city centre. While this does help with the housing crisis, it puts a lot more demand on the transport system. However, I still think developing areas from the city is a good idea.

First of all, let’s not forget that development of a region doesn’t happen in a few months or even couple of years. It takes time to establish transport and all other amenities in a new area. Therefore, the increased pressure on transport system is only a passing phase. Gradually, the new areas will develop their own city centres and people will not have to visit the main city very often.

In addition, building houses in newer areas makes houses affordable for a lot more people. Some of my friends who struggled to buy even a small apartment in the city centre have been able to purchase a big house in the suburb. This gives lot more space to enjoy life.

Finally, let’s not forget that the transport system can always be improved and strengthened. The Government should look at building more train lines, increasing the frequency of trains and buses and improve the highways. This is a much better way of dealing with the constraints of the existing transport system.

To conclude, I would reiterate my support for suburban development due to its many benefits. In time, with some investment in developing the existing the transport system, this can become a great alternative to living in the main city.

This week’s practice topic is:

Websites like AirBnB let people rent rooms in their houses to people looking for a short term stay. If given a choice would you prefer to rent a room like this or stay in a hotel? Support your view with examples from your own experience.

Next week’s episode will contain a sample essay on this topic.

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