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At Sure Way English we strongly believe in focused practice. With constant practice you can overcome any shortcomings. That is why every week we release a new episode of The PTE Show. The weekly episode helps you to practice your language skills in a holistic manner. Not just some speaking questions, not just some reading or writing questions, the aim is to give you complete practice.

In Episode 3, we will focus on:

Vocabulary words for PTE Academic

It is a known fact that using good vocabulary and displaying a broad range of vocabulary will help you get a better score in the PTE. These 20 words can be used in a variety of situations and across different question types such as Write Essay or Re-Tell Lecture. When you study these words and try to build up your vocabulary, always think of the situations in which you can use these words. Look at the sentence examples and come up with more sentences on your own. Make the word your own!

Practice topic of the week

You will find a new practice topic in the Episode for this week. Last week’s practice topic was:

The last few decades have seen huge increase in the cost of living in Australian cities. Because of this a large number of people now prefer to live in a small regional town. Do you think the high cost of living in Australian cities is justified? Would you prefer to live in a big city or a small town? Support your answer with relevant examples from your own experience.

In the PTE Write Essay question type, you will be required to write an essay on a similar topic. Most of the essay topics have a connection with everyday life. They will not require you to have any specialized knowledge of a topic.

PTE Write Essay – Sample Response to last week’s topic

Life presents us a number of choices and we are often required to make a trade off between available options. Due to the increase in cost of living in Australian cities people now have to decide whether they want to spend more and live in a big city or save money and live in a smaller town. While I think the comparatively higher cost of living in cities is justified, personally I would prefer to live in a small town.

There is no denying the benefits of life in a big city. You can get easy access to top notch amenities such as hospitals, supermarkets and well developed public transport. Major cities also have more career opportunities. These cities also offer a wider range of entertainment options. Considering all of this, it is fair to expect to pay a higher price to live in these cities.

However, for me a big city does not hold much attraction. Not only will I spend lesser in a small town, I will also enjoy a relatively more calm and relaxed pace of life. I prefer being part of a tightly knit small community than one of the millions in a tightly pack congested city. For the same price, a smaller town can offer a much better accommodation and quality of life. Therefore, for me living in a small town is the preferred option.

To summarize, while I acknowledge the benefits of big city life and understand why it is reasonable to cost more, I would still prefer to live a simpler life in a small town.

The Sure Way English PTE Academic course contains step by step instructions on how to compose a great essay and get a good score in your PTE exam. You will also receive detailed personalized feedback on your writing as part of the scored PTE mock tests included in your course.


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