50 PTE Read Aloud Practice Questions | Based on Previous PTE Exams

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You will find 50 PTE Read Aloud Practice Questions, Essay sample for last week’s PTE Write Essay practice topic and a new practice topic for this week.

Last week’s writing practice topic was:

“Melbourne cup is a public holiday in the state of Victoria. Some people think this is a waste of public money and resources. Do you agree or disagree with this? Support your position with examples from your own experience.”

As you might already know, the key things to keep in mind while writing an Essay for PTE Academic are – the structure, the word limit, how well you organize your ideas and the quality of vocabulary and grammar that you display in your writing. Please find below a good sample response:

Australia is known as a sport loving nation. So much so, that in Victoria it is a public holiday on the Melbourne Cup day. Though most people seem to enjoy the holiday and the festivities, others feel that it is not an appropriate use of public funds and resources. I agree with people who oppose the holiday on Melbourne cup and in this essay I will explain my point of view with suitable examples.

At the outset, I acknowledge the positive impact that an event like Melbourne cup has on the image of the state. It also boosts the tourism and brings spotlight on to the state for a whole day. Several people from other states and countries travel to Melbourne to enjoy the Melbourne cup and related events.

However, it is not prudent to ignore the several other issues which are a far better candidate for the public money and government resources. Homelessness is increasingly becoming a major problem in Melbourne. Government can spend the same money on providing a housing solution to at least some of the homeless people. Improving the quality of education, engaging the youth in a positive manner and devising ways to tackle the gambling addiction are all better uses of money and resources.

In addition to this, the public holiday also has a massive impact on private businesses. I have often seen my co-workers simply call in sick before the Melbourne cup to enjoy a long weekend. For businesses outside the travel and hospitality sector, the Melbourne cup day simply means lost revenue.

To summarize, I do see the some positive that Melbourne cup has, but I largely believe that it is a sheer waste of money and resources.

This sample response is within the word limit prescribed for a PTE Essay. The essay also has a well formed structure, starting with an introduction that clearly mentions the essay topic and the perspective presented in the essay. The subsequent paragraphs contain distinct ideas, with no repetition. Each idea has been developed adequately and presented clearly. Finally, the essay has a proper conclusion.

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