PTE Select Missing Word question type is one of the more interesting question types in the Listening section of PTE. You will hear an audio, the last word or few words of which have been beeped out. Your task is to select the missing word or words from the given options.

To score well in this question type you not only have to understand what is being said, but also understand the overall context and then decide which of the given options fit in that context. Your understanding of English language vocabulary, sentence usage, grammar, can also be tested in this question type.

Here are the basics to begin with:

 Number of questions2~3
 ScoringContributes to Listening score
 Negative markingNo
 Time to answerThe audio will play after 7 seconds. There is no time limit on a per question basis.You need to aware of the overall time limit of the Listening section.

You can think of this question type as made up of two parts. The first part is understanding what is being said, especially the last sentence and words before the beep. The second part is then picking out the word which can be put in place of the beep.

PTE Select Missing Word Method

Pay attention to the audio, especially the last part of it. Be ready to listen as soon as the audio starts and try to understand its theme. More you can understand, easier it will be to decide which word out of the given options fits into that context.

Keep an eye on the progress bar. You should be extra attentive as it approaches the end. Make sure not to miss the last few words.

Once you have this information, then the next step is to decide which of the given options will go with it.

Start picking the options one by one and add to the last few words that you captured. Does it make sense? Does it complete the incomplete sentence? These are the questions you should ask yourself. If a given option answers positive to all these questions, that is your correct option.

PTE Select Missing Word Tips and Tricks

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you maximize your score in this question type.

Don’t miss the last few words

While you should understand and try to remember the whole audio, the last few words are especially important. These are the words which you will join with the option and try to figure out if they make sense. Looking at the progress bar is very important to figure out when the sentence is nearing the end.

Read the instructions carefully

This is one question type in which the instructions are important. The instructions actually tell you what the audio is going to be about. Once you know that you will find it easier to understand the audio.

Check all options

Don’t submit your response before considering all the given options. Put each option one by one after the last few words of the audio and see if it makes sense. It should have a correct meaning as well as be correct grammatically.

Give your ears listening practice

If you don’t work or study in an English speaking environment, you must give your ears sufficient listening practice before the exam. A couple of months before the exam make it a point to listen to some English audio a few times a day. It doesn’t matter how much time you spend, as long as you do it regularly. At Sure Way English, we prefer TED Talks and recommend the same to you.

Now try out some challenging Select Missing Word questions in a real PTE exam like software! How much will you score?