In the PTE Select Missing Word question type you will hear and audio. The last word of the audio has been beeped out. You will only hear a beep in its place. Your task is to select the missing word from the options given to you.

You will get full marks if you select the correct option. It depends upon how well you are able to hear and understand the audio.

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Question 1

  1. achievement
  2. enhancement
  3. enrolment
  4. level

Question 2

  1. discoveries
  2. directions
  3. discussions
  4. projects

Question 3

  1. partnerships
  2. partners
  3. patterns
  4. patents

Question 4

  1. enemies
  2. animosity
  3. anomalies
  4. armies

Question 5

  1. directions
  2. points
  3. basis
  4. principles

Question 6

  1. arrive
  2. achieve
  3. perceive
  4. prevail

Question 7

  1. spreading water
  2. distributing water
  3. squirting water
  4. sucking water

Question 8

  1. atmosphere
  2. environment
  3. population
  4. concentration

Question 9

  1. later in life
  2. bigger in life
  3. sooner in life
  4. nearer in life

Question 10

  1. nearsighted stars
  2. nearby stars
  3. near stars
  4. nearer stars

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