PTE Repeat Sentence Practice Questions with Real Audio!

PTE Academic often contains some long and complex sentences in the PTE Repeat Sentence question type. Watch these video to practice with some tough questions taken from real academic sources!

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The repeat sentence questions in this video were:

  1. Today at a showcase event I am talking to some of the researchers who are taking part.
  2. This is a seamless experience for the person.
  3. What we had started to talk about, the class is organized into three fairly specific topics.
  4. What we think we know derives chiefly from archaeological evidence.
  5. I mentioned something of importance.
  6. A college history course was an ideal domain to teach students to evaluate such claims about the past.
  7. These are skills that need to be exercised.
  8. This class today is about language.
  9. The other thing that I think would come out of this is that diversification is important.
  10. General Motors as you know is an auto producer in the United States and it hasn’t been doing well.
  11. I did a study of individual behavior.
  12. You would say remarkable, French has no pauses between words.
  13. The other 59 students were enrolled in a research methods course.
  14. Now I have to say a few words about units.
  15. As usual what is striking is the sheer variety of projects.
  16. So today we are going to talk about strategy.
  17. My research interest is in particularly in the area of innovation.
  18. Organizations are really struggling with the issue of performance and relative rewarding.
  19. And as an academic think about what equality might mean, I have to think carefully about different understandings of equality.
  20. Mastering a new language is hard and for children learning English in American schools it can be especially hard.
  21. States and school districts across the country are making their high school graduation rates look better than they really are.
  22. There seems to be something sensible coming through from the answers people give us.
  23. As many of you know business model innovation has become very critical on the agenda of many senior management across corporations.


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