This Fill in the blanks question type in the Reading section of PTE contributes to both your Reading and Writing skills. You will see a text on your screen which has a number of blanks in it. Each blank will have a drop down with it containing options. You have to select the correct option from the blank.

PTE Reading Writing Fill in the blanks questions depend upon your understanding of how words fit into a context, your vocabulary as well your grammar skills. If you read English texts on a day to day basis you will find these questions quite simple. We recommend that you make it a daily habit to read a newspaper or some other English texts either on Internet or in a book.

Let’s first look at the basics:

 Number of questions5~6
 ScoringContributes to both the Reading and Writing scores.
 Negative markingNo
 Time to answerNo time limit per question. Be aware of the overall section time limit.

There is no time limit for an individual question. There is only an overall time limit for the reading section. Therefore, you have to be careful about how much time you spend on each question.

PTE Reading Writing Fill in the blanks

Always begin with the first blank. If are able to find the right option, great, otherwise move to the next blank and revisit the blanks you are not sure about later.

For each blank look at the options and consider how they fit in the context of the sentence. Sometimes, all you have to do is pick the correct grammar form. In other cases, you also need to judge if the option you select makes logical sense in the sentence. It is a good idea to go through the options one by one and eliminate the wrong options.

Good vocabulary, grammar fundamentals and knowing the common collocations will help you to fill in the blanks more accurately.

Reading skills can take some time to improve. Therefore we recommend our students to develop a habit of daily reading. When reading any text, if you come across an unfamiliar word, make sure to note it down. Check its meaning and usage on a website like

PTE Read Aloud Tips and Tricks

To maximize your score in the PTE Reading and Writing Fill in the blanks question type, follow these tips and tricks.

Don’t waste time on one blank

If you are not sure of an option, don’t spend too much time on it. Move to the next. You will get marks for as many blanks as you can get right. You can always come back to the other blanks later. You should also keep the overall time limit in mind. Don’t spend so much time on these questions that you are unable to attend other question types properly.

Ask common sense questions

You can often identify the right blank by asking some common-sense questions such as – Does this option make sense in this sentence? Does this option add to the meaning of the words before and after the blank? By putting in options one by one and asking these questions, you can zero in on the correct option.

Check for grammar

If you just brush up your basic grammar knowledge, you will find these questions much easier. Most of the times it is about simple things such as identifying the correct form of verb, distinguishing between singular or plural, etc.

Make your best guess

There is no negative marking. So even if you are not hundred percent sure, you should make your best educated guess.

Now that you know the concepts and the method, take this FREE Practice Test and see how much you score in these fill in the blanks!