PTE Read Aloud Practice Test

In the read aloud questions, you will see a text on the screen. You will have 30~40 seconds to read and rehearse the text. After that you will receive another 30~40 seconds to read that text and record it into the microphone.

You will find 6~7 questions of this type in the exam. Your score depends upon – how much of the sentence you read correctly, and the quality of your spoken response. If your pronunciation and fluency is good, you will receive good marks.

In the 30~40 seconds that you have for preparation, read the whole sentence and make a note of difficult words. Try to rehearse how to speak the difficult words. If you still can’t just say anything that sounds similar to that word, but don’t stop and hesitate in any case. Pause at the punctuations and emphasise the important words in the text.

Preparing Test…