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PTE Read Aloud is the very first question type that you will face in PTE Academic. The only thing before this is the Personal Introduction section.

In PTE Read Aloud you will be presented with a text and you will be required to read it out aloud in the microphone. You get 30~40 seconds to read the text and familiarize yourself with it and then another 30~40 seconds to read it out.

You will get 6~7 questions of this type in the exam. The questions come one after another, so it is important to maintain your focus. If you think that you have not been able to do well at one question, don’t let that affect the subsequent questions. If you have prepared well and taken sufficient PTE Mock Tests, you will do well. Our online PTE course students get several practice tests. You can also try out a free PTE Read Aloud Practice Questions set to experience this question type in a real PTE software environment.

Each text will be up to 60 words long and can be made up of multiple sentences. This question type tests both your reading and speaking skills.

In a nutshell, this question type will test your ability to read a text aloud using correct pronunciation and intonation. You should be able to convey the intent behind the sentence rather than just read it out like a robot.

Let’s look at what the test screen will look like for this question type.

As you can see in the image, your screen will be divided into three parts. The very first part is the question prompt. Hopefully, by the exam day you have given yourself enough PTE Practice that you will remember these instructions by heart. So, there will be no need to spend any time looking at these instructions.

The second part of the screen is the Recording box. It will initially show a countdown after which the recording will begin. The countdown indicates how much time you have left to read the text and familiarize yourself with it. You should use this time wisely.

The third part of the screen is the actual text that you will read. You should quickly

note down the punctuations and in your mind picture where you are going to pause in the sentence. Make a mental note to raise and lower your voice at appropriate places. If you are unfamiliar with any words, rehearse pronouncing them.

If you finish the question before the full time given for recording, just click on the Next button.

Let’s look at how the scoring works for PTE Read Aloud. A big advantage of taking PTE Mock tests is that you not only get exam practice but also become familiar with the scoring parameters. The more you are aware of how a question is scored, the better you can focus on those areas.

The very first thing that is checked is whether your response has the correct Content. If the text is about Hotels in New York, but you have spoken about Business in Manchester, you will not receive any mark for that. You will receive a point for each correct word in your response. Similarly, you will lose a point for each word you miss or replace or add from you own.

The second important thing is your Oral Fluency. Your speaking rhythm, the way you phrase the words and how much stress you put on the words, all contribute towards determining your fluency. Your voice shouldn’t sound robotic. You shouldn’t pause and stop abruptly. You shouldn’t hesitate or repeat while speaking.

Finally, the last thing that effects your score is your Pronunciation. If most normal speakers of English can understand what you said, your pronunciation is considered OK. If a regular speaker of English has to adjust to your speaking then it means there is some problem with your speaking.

As this is an integrated question type, you will receive marks for both your Reading and Speaking.

To prepare yourself well for questions of this type and the PTE exam in general, make a daily habit of reading newspapers or some general articles on Internet. Not only will this boost your score, but also help you build language skills for later on in life.

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