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Our Teaching Method

Our Teaching Method is the result of years of PTE and IELTS teaching experience. In our step by step PTE course, you will first learn the basics, understand all the concepts and then practice a large number of questions in a series of Guided Practice lectures. We will teach you methods, tips, tricks, templates and any other concepts that you need to know to get a high score. If needed, you will have the opportunity to take a Grammar or Vocabulary course free of cost. You will also take more than 100 practice tests and several full length mock tests in a real PTE like software. After each round of study, you will find your confidence and ability increasing. Most students are able to achieve their desired score in under a month’s study.

What is included in the premium PTE course packages?

I had no idea that getting a high score in PTE can be this simple. Thanks to your team, I am now on my way to Australia 😀

Rafaela / 84 / Colombia


I failed so many times in PTE and IELTS, but thank God I found Sure Way English. Your essay templates are amazing! I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Xiang / 74 / China

When I looked at my score report, I could not believe my eyes. It is unbelievable I got 81!!!
Your course changed my life.

Abdul-Badi / 81 / Saudi Arabia

I needed a score of 65 plus,
but got 79! Took tuition from many centres in Australia. All failed to help me. Then a friend told me about Sure Way, signed up and studied the online course for 1 month. The course has more coverage than any of classroom courses I took in Melbourne.

Hanif / 79 / Qatar


Sir! I cannot thank you enough. I was unable to process my visa application because I was not able to get desired scores.
I have got the score now. I look forward to living in Australia now 🙂

Praveen / 82 / India

Yessssss! I finally cracked the PTE. Got 97 plus. So relieved.
I will tell all my friends and family about Sure Way English. I got this score only because of your course. Your methods and templates are super awesome!

Chung Thi / 80 / Vietnam


How will I access the lectures?

You will access the lectures through your unique login. You can watch any lecture as many times as you want.

What is Guided Practice?

Guided Practice is our unique way of conducting lectures and providing them to our students.
When you watch the lecture videos you will feel as if you have a teacher with you constantly.
All you have to do is follow what the teacher says and you will learn like never before! All questions are practiced under timed circumstances and the teacher will provide very useful information at each step.

What will the teacher feedback include?

If your course option includes teacher feedback you will receive a detailed analysis of your speaking and writing from an expert teacher. The teacher will highlight what you are doing right and what you are not doing right.
They will provide you action points to improve your skills further. Getting an expert feedback before going into an exam as important as the PTE is a must have.

How many mock tests does the course have?

Depending upon the course option that you select, you will have 1 to 3 mock tests.
These exams are just like the real exams and will give you a reliable indication of your current level of preparation. The mock tests include detailed explanations which will help you to improve your skills.

How many times can I take the mock tests?

You can take the mock tests as many times as you want. We don’t limit our students in any way!

When can I take the mock tests?

From years of teaching experience we know that mock tests are more useful when a student takes them after a few days of study. That is why when you initially start the course you will have to wait for at least 7 days to take a mock test.

Can I extend the course duration?

We feel that the course duration provides sufficient time to prepare and get ready for the exam. Even the most basic course provides 3 months of access, which goes up to 1 full year for the ultimate course option. However, if you need to extend the course duration further send a message to the Support team to help you with it.

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US $69
Great for self study
200 Plus Lecture Videos
Ready to use Study Plans
Super Methods
Tips and Tricks
FREE Grammar Course
FREE Vocabulary Course
100+ Practice Tests
1 Full Mock Test
Overall Speaking Assessment
Teacher Review - Describe Image
Teacher Review - Re-Tell Lecture
Teacher Review - Read Aloud
Teacher Review - Write Essay
Teacher Review - Summarize Text
3 Months access
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US $169
with teacher guidance
200 Plus Lecture videos
Ready to use Study Plans
Super Methods
Tips and Tricks
FREE Grammar Course
FREE Vocabulary Course
100+ Practice Tests
2 Full Mock Tests
Overall Speaking Assessment
1 Teacher Review - Describe Image
1 Teacher Review - Re-Tell Lecture
1 Teacher Review - Read Aloud
1 Teacher Review - Write Essay
1 Teacher Review - Summarize Text
6 Months access
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