PTE Reading Multiple choice Single Answer Practice Test

In the multiple choice, single answer questions you will find a text on your screen and a question based on that. You will be given few options and your task is to select the correct option as the answer to the question. There is only one correct answer in these questions.

You will have 2~3 questions of this type in the exam. There is no limit on the time you spend on each question, though you should be mindful of the overall time limit for the reading section.

We recommend that you first read the question, then the options and only after that read the text. Knowing the question and the options before hand will make your reading quicker and more efficient as you will know what to look out for.

Once you find an option that seems like the correct answer, don’t be in a hurry to select it and go to the next question. Spend a few seconds on reviewing the other options too.

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