PTE Practice Test: Read Aloud Multiple Choice Questions


In the multiple-choice questions, you will find text on your screen and a question based on that text. A number of possible answers are given to you.

  1. Read the question prompt and the options.
  2. After that, start reading the text.
  3. Carefully select the correct option(s) against the information provided in the text to answer the question.

Things to Note:

Please note that these questions may have more than one correct options.

You must select ALL the correct options for full marks. If you select only some of the correct options, you will get partial marks. However, if you select the wrong option(s), you will receive a negative mark, up to a minimum score of 0.

You will have 2~3 questions of this type in the exam. There is no time limit per question, however, you have to be aware of the overall time limit for the reading section. Do not spend so much time on one question that you miss others.

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