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Today’s question is from the PTE Reading Multiple choice Single Answer question type. In this you have to read a passage and answer a question based on that. Only one answer is correct.

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Read the text and answer the multiple-choice question by selecting the correct response. Only one response is correct.

In the third quarter of 2015, cars in the UK were up 600,000, to 25.8 million. And America has 275 million cars on the road right now. Many of those cars in both countries need petrol. But there’s this weird thing happening in the petrol industry that doesn’t seem to be logical when you look at those numbers: For over a decade, the number of petrol stations around the UK and the US have been slowly, and very steadily, declining. From 2002 to 2012 the number of fueling stations in America went from 170,018 to 156,065. So, what’s going on? How is it possible that demand for fuel can be so high, when places built exclusively for accessing it are disappearing?

New Yorkers that drive, for example, know all too well that Manhattan is a “fuel desert.” According to a New York Times story on the dwindling access to petrol in the city, there are only 50 stations on the island (though other local news outlets report that number is more like 39), the city lost 30 in the last eight years, and there’s not a single one below 23rd Street. It’s a story that any big city with expensive real estate will echo. All you have to do is look at the most expensive neighborhoods, and you will find the fewest petrol stations.

Based on the text, which of the following is a valid reason for the declining numbers of petrol stations in UK and US?

  1. UK and US have adopted green policies and therefore consume much lesser petrol than earlier.
  2. The real state in UK and US have become increasingly more expensive prompting closure of the petrol stations.
  3. Several areas in UK and US are turning into fuel deserts, making it impossible for petrol stations to function anymore.
  4. More and more people in UK and US are turning towards public transport now, leading to reduction in the number of cars.
  5. Government policies prohibit setting up petrol pumps in expensive neighborhoods in UK and US.

The correct option is Option 2.

Option 1 is incorrect because there is no mention of green policies in the passage.

Option 2 is correct because towards the end of the passage it says “It’s a story that any big city with expensive real estate will echo…”

Option 3 is incorrect because though the passage mentions “fuel deserts” it is in a different context. It is the result of not having any petrol stations. It is not the cause of the problem.

Option 4 and Option 5 are wrong because they are mentioned in the passage.

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