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Today’s Question of the Day is from the PTE Write from Dictation question type. This is a simple question type, but often a lot of students struggle with this. The key skill tested here is your ability to listen, understand and write what you have understood. It is also important to be clear about your approach – whether you will type directly into the screen or first take notes and then type in the end? If you are not clear about your approach, you will end up confused and lose marks as a result.

First try out this question of the day and after that go to these free PTE Write from Dictation practice questions based on previous PTE Exams. You will be able to try out all of these in an online software just like the actual PTE.

This is how our PTE coaching students practice everyday and achieve great results!


The questions in the video were:

  1. The coffee house has a special student discount throughout the week.
  2. The leading companies have changed their policies after reports were released.
  3. Some of the features are part of previous research.


Try these questions in a couple of different ways. First, try to type at the same time as you are listening to the audio. Then, try to take notes and type in the end, from the notes. Your goal is to understand which method works better for you. Pay special attention to how you take notes. There is no need to write full sentences, just enough to help you remember the sentence.

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