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Today’s Question of the Day is from the PTE Select Missing Word question type. You will hear an audio, the last word or few words of which have been beeped out. From your understanding of the audio and its context you have to select the missing word from the options given.

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You will hear a recording about history. At the end of the recording the last word or group of words has been replaced by a beep. Select the correct option to complete the recording.

  1. classical textbooks
  2. classical texts
  3. modern texts
  4. modern textbooks

The transcript of the audio is:

We are standing at the threshold of History Begins in Mesopotamia, a new exhibition of almost 500 objects at the Louvre’s outpost in the northern French town of Lens. Spanning 3,000 years of Mesopotamian history (an area that roughly corresponds with modern-day Iraq), it begins with the invention of writing, in the late 4th millennium BC, and ends in 331BC, with Alexander the Great’s conquest of Babylon.

There are many fascinating historical artefacts as well as magnificent works of art, such as an alabaster statue, from around 2250BC, of a seated official, wearing an elaborate fleece skirt, with a beard, shaved head, and stunning blue inlaid eyes of lapis lazuli.

The first gallery marks Mesopotamia’s ‘rediscovery’ in the 19th Century, when archaeologists began excavating in the Middle East. They were intent on discovering more about the late Assyrian and Babylonian empires of Mesopotamia, which, at that point, were chiefly remembered through references in the Bible and classical texts.

From the question, we already know the audio is about history. With that in mind, as we listen to the audio and come to the end, make a note of last few words…references in the Bible and … From the given options, we can rule out both options with textbooks because the audio is not about a course or syllabus. From the remaining, the most suitable is classical text as that is the similar to Bible.

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