The PTE listening multiple choice single answer section test your listening comprehension. Quite similar to their counterparts in the Reading section, you have to answer a question based on a spoken text. A number of choices are given, and you have to select one from the given options.

First, let’s look at the basics:

 Number of questions2~3 questions
 ScoringContributes to Listening score.
 Negative markingNo
 Time to answerAudio starts after 5 seconds. No time limit per question. Be mindful of the overall reading section time limit.

For the PTE listening multiple choice single answer questions, as long as you can understand the spoken text and identify the theme and main points in it, you should be able to select the correct option. For those who don’t study or work in an English-speaking environment, it is recommended to start listening to English audios regularly. When you do listen, ask yourself specifically what you have understood. If you can describe it in a couple of sentences, it means you have understood the points well. Our favorite source of English audio is Ted Talks.

PTE Listening multiple choice single answer method

You will have 5 seconds before the audio starts playing. These 5 seconds are important.

Use them to have a quick look at the question and the given options. It’s not possible to read the PTE listening multiple choice single answer question and options completely. So, what shall you do?

  • Read the question and then pick a few words from each option. Together this will help you to understand what the audio is going to be about. If you know a few words from each option, you will know what specifically you are listening for.
  • When the audio starts, try to understand the theme and how the audio related to the question and the options.  You are not listening just for the sake of it. You are listening to identify or validate some specific information.
  • Take notes whenever you hear some important piece of information – event, person, place, an explanation, a specific detail, etc. These are the important bits in an audio.
  • As you listen, keep your eyes on the options. Your goal is to shortlist some of these options. Validate them as you get more information from the audio. When you hear a word that relates to an option, try to judge if it makes that option right or wrong. Remember! This is just a short list. This is not the final selection.
  • Once the audio ends, look at the question and options again. Then review your notes, what you remember and the shortlisted options. Make your final decision based on all these points.

PTE Read Aloud Tips and Tricks

Use 5 seconds wisely

Might seem like very small time, but it can be very useful in understand the PTE listening multiple choice single answer question and the options. If you already have an idea of what the audio will be about, you will understand more from it.

Take some notes

Note down the key points. It is difficult to remember everything by the time the audio ends. If you just note down the important pieces of information, your chances of selecting the right option will increase.

Shortlist while listening

Don’t be idle when listening. Actively evaluate the options against what you are hearing. Even if you can eliminate one wrong option or identify one correct option while listening, it will be a big advantage.

Finalize options in the end

When the audio ends, spend some time reading the question and options again. Then make your final decision. Look at your notes, consider what you remember from the audio and the shortlist that you have made. Eliminate the wrong options and then make sure you have a valid reason for selecting the correct option.

Time for an actual Practice Test now! How much will you score in these multiple choice questions?