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Today’s Question of the Day is from the PTE Listening section – Multiple choice choose single answer question type. In this question you have to answer a multiple choice question after listening to an audio.

Question Video


Jet engines — the oblong objects that hang off of a plane’s wing and provide it with power and propulsion — only need three basic elements to work: air, fuel, and a spark. Of course, it’s a lot more complicated than that. Especially when modern developments like environmental regulations and sound ordinances require each engine to be as small as possible, as quiet as possible, and as fuel efficient as possible.

It’s easy to build a huge loud engine. But building it to the specifics of modern requirements is where the challenge comes in.

The basic design for every jet engine goes like this: There are four modules in a row. In the first module a fan generates a stream of air, which is split in two. One stream moves into a second module. A second stream bypasses the interior of the engine and shoots out the back where it helps push the engine forward.

The question to answer was:

Based on what you just heard, what is the major hurdle in constructing a jet engine?

  1. They need a number of basic elements to function
  2. They need to be very small in size
  3. They need to be produce very little noise to meet the regulations
  4. They need to meet very specific requirements owing to various regulations
  5. They need to consume as little fuel as possible

The correct option here is option number 4. This is correct because it covers all individual requirements such as little noice, small size, little fuel etc. which are mentioned as separate options. Only option no. 4 covers everything.

Answering these multiple choice questions in the listening section of PTE depends entirely on your listening comprehension. Someone who is used to listening to English lectures and audios will be able to understand these questions easily and quickly. Others need to follow a proven step by step method. We teach such effective methods and useful tips and tricks in the online PTE course.

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