PTE Listening Multiple choice, choose Multiple Answers Question of the Day # 2

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Today’s Question of the Day is from the PTE Listening Section – Multiple choice, choose Multiple Answers.

In this question type, you have to select more than one option from the given answer choices. Do not make random guesses, as the question type has negative marking.

Question Video


In part, we are familiar with Pergamon thanks to a quirk of archaeology. Other tantalising Hellenistic cities remain impossible to excavate. “Antioch seems to be lost forever,” Picon says. “Alexandria is now mostly underwater. Syracuse, in Sicily, is under the present city. But Pergamon was abandoned, more or less. And, since the 1870s, it has been excavated by the Germans, so it’s really the only Hellenistic city about which we know a fair amount.”

As a result, Pergamon is crucial for understanding the scope and sophistication of the Hellenistic world. “If we have this much from Pergamon,” Picon tells me, “just imagine the amount of evidence from other sites that hasn’t survived.”

Situated 15 miles inland from the coast of north-western Asia Minor, and surrounded in antiquity by oak forests, the hill town of Pergamon first came to prominence as a refuge for Barsine, the wife of a defeated Persian general, with whom Alexander the Great had a son named Herakles. Its easily defended position, on top of a massif, made it a natural fortress. As a result, after Alexander’s death, one of his Macedonian generals decided to store his war booty, some 9,000 talents of silver, on its acropolis.


Based on what you heard, which of the following is a valid reason for Pergamon’s importance?

1.It was the city where Alexander settled down with his General’s wife and had a son.

2.It is one of the only Hellenistic cities to be excavated and is therefore very crucial in understanding that period.

3.It was the place where one of Alexander’s generals stored the silver amassed in the war.

4.It was the most well planned city of Alexander’s time and therefore very useful in understanding the architecture of that period.

5.It was the last city standing in Alexander’s empire.


In the Listening questions, it is very important to understand the audio. It is also helpful to take some notes. The question asks you the valid reason for Pergamon’s importance. It is a good idea to read the question and the options before the audio begins, or at least have a quick look at them. That would tell you that you need to listen for the reasons behind Pergamon’s importance. The correct options here are 2 and 3. Option 2 is correct, because in the beginning the speaker says – “Other ….cities remain impossible to excavate…lost forever….Pergamon is crucial for understanding the…Hellenistic world”. Option 3 is correct because in the end the speaker talks about a general storing his war booty there. Please note that you won’t always here the words that are in the question. Sometimes, you will have to understand the meaning from similar words or synonyms.

Option 1 seems to be correct because the audio does talk about Alexander having a son with his General’s wife, but it doesn’t say that Alexander settled down with the General’s wife there. So, always be cautious of such options which seem to be correct but are not!

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