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Today’s Question of the Day is from the PTE Highlight Incorrect Words question type of the Listening section. You will listen an audio and highlight the words that don’t match the transcript on the screen. Remember! there is negative marking for wrong answers. After watching the video go and try more PTE Highlight Incorrect Words practice questions in our online PTE software.

Question Video

Transcript and answers

In the ocean animals have two options choices if they want to hide. Creatures that live in the deep ocean close to the seafloor can blend in with sand or rocks, or hide in coral. In the deep ocean it is often pitch black anyway and predators lack eyes, so being invisible is not mandatory necessary.

Animals that live close to the surface and want to hide can procure produce dazzling displays of light in a process known as bioluminescence, confusing predators below who think they are looking at dappled sunshine hitting the water’s surface. Animals that live in midwater though have neither of these opinions options. This region is known as the pelagic zone, and it also happens to be where most invisible animals live.

Perhaps the easiest way of becoming invisible is by being transcendent transparent and letting light travel completely through you. In open oceans, which lack structures to hide behind, being transparent is a great way of hiding from all viewpoints and angles. It’s so popular in fact that transparency has individually independently evolved multiple times in completely unrelated animals.

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