PTE Listening Fill in the blanks Practice Test

In the fill in the blanks questions in the listening section, you will see a text on your screen, with a few blanks in it. This text is the transcript of the audio you are about to hear. Your task is to pick the right words from the audio and fill the blanks in the transcript.

You will receive full marks if you fill all the blanks correctly. If you only get a few right, you will still receive a partial score.

In the few seconds before which the audio begins, try to quickly read the text to understand what the overall theme is. Even if you can’t read the whole text, read whatever possible. Place your cursor in the first blank before the audio begins and be ready to listen and follow the transcript at the same time.

Some people prefer to type while listening to the audio, while others will first note down the words in the rough pad and type once the audio ends. What you do depends upon your comfort and confidence level.

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