PTE Highlight incorrect words Practice Test

In the highlight incorrect words questions in the listening section, you will see a text on the screen. This text is the transcript of the audio you are about to listen. However, some words in the transcript are different from the audio. These are the incorrect words. Your task is to identify these incorrect words by clicking on them and highlighting them.

You will have 2~3 questions of this type in the exam. Before the audio begins quickly glance at the text. Place your cursor on the first word and be ready to follow the transcript along with the audio as it begins. When you think a word in the transcript is different from what you have just heard, quickly click on it. There is no time to think and consider. You must not fall behind the audio.

Remember there is negative marking in this question type. If you highlight words which are not different from the transcript you will receive negative marks for them, up to a minimum of zero overall score in the question.