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Today’s Question of the Day is from the PTE Reading Fill in the blanks question type. You will drag words from a pool and drop them into the right places in the text. Remember! there are some extra words. So, not every word will fit in the text. You must also try more PTE Reading Fill in the blanks practice questions in our online exam software!

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Australia and New Zealand are virtually neck-and-neck across the indexes, but New Zealand scores better for overall political stability, fundamental rights and lack of violence.

The country also has generous policies that support single parents, children, students and seniors. When a New Zealand citizen becomes a senior at 65 they automatically start receiving a generous government allowance, no matter who they are, no matter how much money they earned or inherited, and no matter when they arrived in the country.

generous, digitally, virtually, scored, incrementally, automatically, inherited, scores


The first blank is virtually, as in this context it means almost neck and neck, just as virtually similar means almost similar. The second blank is scores, because it makes sense in the context of an index which has numbers. The grammatical form is present simple. That is why we don’t select scored. The third blank is generous which means lavish or plentiful. Policies is a noun, so the adjective generous tells us what kind of policies these are. Other words, just do not make sense. Fourth blank is automatically as that only makes sense here and the last blank is inherited, as it makes sense with money earned.

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