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Our teachers have guided thousands of students in their PTE journey. They can also help you improve and achieve your desired score in a short time.

  • Find out what score will you get for your writing or speaking response
  • Find out the reasons behind your low score
  • Find out how to improve your score in a short time
  • Understand how to give a perfect response
  • Understand the mistakes you are making and how to avoid them

You will receive a detailed report that will cover your expected score, mistakes made by you, suggestions for improvement and other very useful advice.

Checkout these sample reports:

When you purchase a Correction and Feedback service, you can use it for getting feedback on any speaking or writing question type. For example: If you purchase 3 corrections, you can mix and match the responses you want to get checked. You can have 1 essay, 1 summary and 1 describe image or 3 essays or any other combination you like. We are very flexible and leave that entirely up to you!

Huge discounts are available for ordering multiple feedback and correction. You can use these whenever you want – up to 1 year!

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