Describe Image PTE – Practice Questions

This section is all about speech. If you have a heavy accent then concentrating on making your speech more understandable will help you greatly. Don’t feel like you must talk quickly, in fact the amount of time allocated to you to answer is more than enough to get your point across. Speaking slower and defining your words will get you a higher score than rushing and not speaking in a confident manner.  

What you will be learning in this section is how to pronounce and articulate information in a clear and professional way. How clearly you speak is something that is highly important in your real PTE Academic exam as it will showcase your ability to communicate. Oral fluency, or how easily you can express your thoughts and ideas, is another key skill looked for in the Describe Image questions. 

Tips on Describing Image You See on Your Screen

In the Describe Image question type in PTE Academic, you will see an image on your computer screen. Your task is to describe the main information contained in this image as accurately as possible. You will have about 20 seconds to prepare the response and then another 30~40 seconds to record your response. Your score will depend upon how accurately you capture the main points in your response.

You must have finished saying everything that you wanted to by the end of the 40 seconds. 

The aim is to understand the difference between methods of data collection or to explain a particular process. Your goal is to paint an accurate verbal picture of what the data is showing. 

Top tip, in each image, establish:

  • What type of data collection you are looking at.
  • What is being compared?
  • What do the results say?
  • Conclusion.

Most Describe Image questions will require you to compare data or describe a process so use the above points to help you every time you practice to get yourself used to how to structure an answer such as this. 

These questions look a lot like real exam questions, no matter what you choose to study. Verbal communication skills are not only important for work and education but in your day to day life, so all-around great skills for you to get practicing.

Try these Describe Image Questions from recent PTE exams and see where you stand. Don’t forget to grab the full FREE Questions Bank with many new questions!

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Question 1

Leverage ratios for major investment banks

Question 2

Material and manufacturing production cycle

Question 3

Average monthly temperatures for three African cities

Question 4

Median and Average sales prices of new homes sold in the US

Question 5

Ocean current and temperature

Question 6

Rehab Center caring diagram

Question 7

US fruit and vegetable consumption trends

Question 8

World population development

Question 9

Paper recycling process

Question 10

Internet population

Question 11

Average rainfall in inches

Question 12

UK population by age

Question 13

Baby sleep pattern

Question 14

Economic inactivity through generations

Question 15

Highest mountain peaks of the world

Question 16

Texas weather deaths

Question 17

Browser usage on Wikimedia

Question 18

Annual per capita meat consumption

Question 19

Great pacific garbage patch

Question 20

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

As you can see now that you have had a go at this section it’s not about how complicated you can make the description sound, but about being clear, precise and accurate you come across to the listener.

Go back and listen to your recording and ask yourself if you were clear, if you articulated your ideas effectively, and if you pronounced the keywords well. Below the question, there is a sample answer. It’s always a good idea to go through and listen to the sample answers to get an idea of what the ‘perfect’ answer sounds like. Listen to your answer and then listen to the sample answer and make notes on what was lacking or unnecessary in your answer to help you make the best self-assessment. 

All the information is there in front of you, you just need to make sense of it. Practice makes perfect and that’s what you are here to do.  So don’t worry if you didn’t smash it the first time, you’ll soon get the hang of it.

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