PTE Academic Success Stories

Nothing inspires one to work hard and succeed than seeing others who have done the same.

At Sure Way English, each week, 100s of students achieve a high score in the PTE. But for some, it is more special than others.

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Here are three of our favourite student stories. Seeing how they were able to achieve their goals, will definitely inspire you to work towards yours.

Sukhwinder’s life changing week

The first story is that of Sukhwinder! In one single week he not only got an 82 score, but also found a great job and won tickets to AFL Grand Finals. The story makes us believe that good things happen to those who stay committed and work towards their goals.

Sukhwinder had been in Australia for a few years on a student visa. Unlike many others he had moved to Australia dreaming of the lifestyle that makes Australia one of the world’s best countries. He knew he will have to work hard and was always up for it. He held multiple part time jobs – at the convenience stores, cleaning jobs on weekends and at car wash places, often working more than 10 hours a day!

Though he was a good student, he failed to get any professional jobs or internships, due to his seemingly poor English language skills. He could write a great essay on any topic, but struggled to hold his own in a conversation. This was the reason he failed to impress in interviews and get a better job.

Along with the studies and part time work, he had been trying to get a 79+ score for almost a year. But always fell short because of his Speaking skills. Joined a famous training centre in Melbourne and paid more than he could actually afford. But still, their so called “shortcuts” and “tricks” failed to produce any results.

Then one day just browsing the Internet, he stumbled across an article from one of the Sure Way English instructors. The article discussed what people can do to improve their Speaking skills. He liked some of the ideas in the article and decided to try them out over the next few days. No! The ideas didn’t do magic, though he did noticed some improvement in his confidence while speaking. He was running out of time, so decided to sign up for the Sure Way English Ultimate PTE course and immediately got a speaking assessment done!

In a couple of days, he received the report! Among other things, it included a long list of pronunciation mistakes that he made and suggestions to improve. For a moment he was shocked to see such a long list of mistakes, but then was also relieved that at least he now knew what he was doing wrong, and also understood how to correct the mistakes.

From the very next day, Sukhwinder started working on the recommendations. Gradually, he noticed that people were now finding it easier to talk to him and understand him. Riding high on confidence, he applied for a part time job at one of Melbourne’s leading advertising agencies. This time, there was no problem communicating and the interviewer was impressed with his background, intelligence and communication skills. He got that part time job 🙂

With his enthusiasm at the peak he then took all the PTE Mock Tests provided as part of the online course. The very next week he took PTE and this time scored an 82! But wait, there is more. Like I said in the beginning, good things happen if you are committed. Just after the day he started in the new job, he won the first prize in a team building exercise and received tickets to AFL finals!

Here at Sure Way English, whenever we think of Sukhwinder – watching the AFL final live, happy in a job and feeling secure after meeting the English requirements for his visa – it puts a smile on our faces. Indeed, if you are committed, nothing is impossible in life, and the English language test is just a small challenge 🙂

Rafaela stumbled to success

Working in her accounting job in Colombia, Rafaela was always scared of English language exams like PTE and IELTS.

But when it came to moving to Australia to begin a new life, there was no other option but to take one of these exams to meet her visa requirements.

The score she needed wasn’t an easy one to get. She needed 79+ (~8 band) to have a realistic chance of getting her visa processed any time soon.

After a lot of thought, she began her IELTS preparation. A diligent, hard working lady, Rafaela had always exceled in her studies. But the IELTS score was a rude shock to her. She only managed a 6.5, roughly equal to 60~65 in PTE. Big difference from the 8 band that she needed!

Blaming her nervousness for the failure, she took IELTS again after a month, and once more after that. But still the score always fell in the 6~7 band range.

It was time to look at other options now. Time was running out and frustration setting in with each passing day.

Then, someone suggested PTE Academic.

This time she decided to go for a personal tutor, even though it was very expensive for her. Having taken IELTS multiple times, she was smarter in her approach now. After a month of private tutoring, she took the official Pearson mock test. The score this time – 64! She was angry, she was sad! She discontinued her personal tuition immediately and concluded going to Australia wasn’t really for her.

But what’s meant to be – happens!

One evening while browsing YouTube funny videos, YouTube recommended her a Top 20 Tips for PTE video. The video is one of the most popular on the Sure Way English PTE YouTube channel, having been seen by almost 20,000 students. In her own words – “Seeing that video was like a light turning on in my head. All of a sudden, I knew what I had been doing wrong. I wondered why my personal tutor never told me all of these things.” That evening she watched one Sure Way English YouTube video after another and ended up studying for more than 3 hours. She felt a confidence that was missing earlier.

Who knew that she would find a way towards her goal while watching funny videos on YouTube!!!

Next day, she enrolled in the Ultimate course on the Sure Way English website and spent the next few weeks watching all the lectures, working on the feedback and advice from teachers. She felt so confident that she decided to sit for her PTE exam after just 3 weeks of study.

The result this time – 84!

It is a beautiful feeling when things go your way! Rafaela had achieved her goal and was the happiest person in Colombia (according to her!) that day.

Her advice for others – “Don’t give up! If you sincerely wish for something and work for it, God will help you and guide you in the right direction.”

Prakash Kaur’s PTE experience

We sent her a few questions and she was kind enough to reply in detail.

You achieved an 84 in PTE after failing in IELTS 7 times. Do you think this is because PTE is simpler than IELTS?

I wouldn’t say that PTE is simpler than IELTS. It is a different exam and thus can be more suitable for some students. I always felt IELTS speaking part daunting because of my lack of confidence in my speaking ability. In PTE, I was only talking to a computer, so never felt that hesitation. I actually would advise everyone to not take PTE lightly. It can be easy, provided your prepare properly. I am glad I got the right resources and guidance which made all the difference.

Which PTE task did you find the most challenging and what did you do about it?

For me the challenging part was in speaking. I struggled a lot with describe image and re-tell lecture. Somehow always scored very low in speaking in IELTS earlier. Since I had failed a number of times earlier, I didn’t want to take any chances in PTE and thus took the course option which provided Expert Feedback and Speaking Assessment. The assessment report was an eye opener. I finally understood what I was doing wrong and how to improve it.

Which study materials did you use in your preparation?

Like everyone else I guess, I also started with free videos on YouTube. After a while though I got very confused because there are so many free videos on YouTube, all of different quality. But once I found the Sure Way English channel, I stuck to it. From there on I moved on to the Ultimate Course from Sure Way English. Other than that I studied official Pearson materials – the offline mock test they provide and also took an official PTE mock test before the exam. My suggestion to prospective students is to find a few good materials and stick with them. Don’t confuse yourself with 1000s of free videos on YouTube. Also, if you can afford it, spend a little on a paid course. It is usually a small amount compared to the exam fees.

Any other piece of advice for our students?

I would just say that don’t be disheartened if you have failed. You just need to get the right guidance and sincerely make some effort. Anyone can achieve an 84, just like me. Be persistent.

So, be like Prakash Kaur. Believe in yourself and stick to your goal. You will achieve it!

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