7 high scoring linking words for PTE Academic

Your choice of words can have a big impact on your PTE Score. Whether your are speaking or writing, showing that you know which words to use in which situation is a big plus. In this video you will learn seven high scoring linking words that you can use in your exam. You will also understand which word to use in which situation.


However demonstrates concession. In other words if your sentence is about one idea or trend, then the next sentence beginning with however will be about an exception from the trend.

For e.g.

The market is dominated by cheap products. However, there is a niche audience for luxury brands.


Therefore shows the consequence of something. The first sentence talks about an event. The second sentence beginning with therefore talks about the consequence or result of that event.

For e.g.

Economic and labor problems resulted in major losses. Therefore, the company had no alternative but to shut down.

For instance

For instance indicates that what you are going to talk about is an example of something you have been so far discussing. The sentence beginning with for instance is the example.

For e.g.

For instance, most people who get a doctorate, end up in research labs.


Furthermore is used to give additional information. The first sentence talks about something and the next sentence beginning with furthermore is additional information to what’s contained in the first sentence.

For e.g.

Furthermore, the situation is made worse by the lack of any genuine alternatives to fossil fuels.


Specifically is used to highlight a particular point. You are discussing a general idea and you want the audience to pay attention to one point in particular. You will begin that point with specifically.

For e.g.


The essay will discuss pollution and specifically the pollution caused by old cars and vehicles in big cities.


Because is used to give the reason behind something. Usually you will precede the reason with because.

For e.g.

Because of these factors, the prices will go up.

In conclusion

In conclusion is used to indicate the end or the concluding remark of a discussion. You will use this towards the end of your essay or spoken response.

For e.g.

In conclusion, the use of these linking words will boost your PTE Academic score.

Memorize these linking words and use them appropriately in your written and spoken responses. These should be an integral part of your PTE vocabulary. Any time you put into improving your vocabulary for PTE will help you not only in PTE, but also later in life..

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