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The Writing section in PTE Academic consists of two question types – PTE Write Essay and PTE Summarize Text.

In Summarize text, you will be given a text of up to 300 words and you will be required to summarize it in one sentence of up to 75 words. The challenge in this question type is not just in understanding the key points but also in combining them into one single sentence.

You will find 2~3 questions of this type in the exam. For each summarize text question you will be given 10 minutes. Please note that even if you finish the question in 5 minutes, you will not be able to use the left-over time for other questions. So, word of advice – Don’t finish before time! You can always read and re-read what you have written and improve it further.

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This is a test of your reading and writing skills. How well you can read the text and gather the key points from it will determine how accurate your summary is.

Your screen for this question type will look like this.

You will see the instructions at the top. The instructions are followed by the reading text and below it is the box to write your summary in. You will also see a word counter and a timer. Keep an eye on both!

In the Sure Way English online PTE Course, students learn the very specific methods to follow for Summarize text questions. It is important to not get lost in the details or supplementary information. Since we only get one sentence of up to 75 words, we should focus solely on the key points.

You should use your ten minutes wisely. Spend the first couple of minutes reading the text and identifying the key points in each part of the text. Next few minutes should be spent on combining those points into sentences and the last few minutes into combining the sentences into one single sentence and reviewing for grammar or spelling errors.

A simple way to test the quality of your summary is to ask this question – “Will someone who has not read the main text be able to understand the key theme in the text, by reading my summary?” If your answer is yes, it means you have written a good answer.

To score well in the summarize text questions, you need to take care of the following points.

Make sure that your summary contains the main points discussed in the text.

As stated earlier, don’t get bogged down by the details, too many examples or supplementary supporting information. If you find a point going on and on in the passage, you can safely ignore it after noting down the main point.

Don’t go below or over the word limit. Your response should be between 5 and 75 words. If you write less than 5 or more than 75 words, you will not receive any marks. In fact, you will get a zero for the whole question.

Make sure to leave sufficient time in the end to correct your grammar. The sentence should have the correct grammatical structure.

Pay attention to your vocabulary usage. Have you used words that are fit for the context? Avoid using language that is too informal. Try to use synonyms where possible. It is a good way of demonstrating your vocabulary range.

It is interesting what simple small everyday steps can lead to in the long term. We advice our PTE Online Course students to form a daily habit of reading, writing, listening and speaking. It doesn’t take as much time as one might assume and the results are remarkable. Even spending 10 minutes a day reading a news article and quickly describing it in one written sentence will not only improve your writing and summarization skills but also your reading comprehension and improve your vocabulary.

If you follow the correct steps and keep the scoring parameters in mind, you can achieve a good score in this question type.

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