PTE Multiple choice Multiple Answers | Quick Introduction

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One of the more challenging questions in the Listening section is the PTE Multiple Choice Multiple Answers question type. Not only do you have to listen to an audio and understand it, but then also answer a multiple choice question with multiple correct answers, based on it.

Each audio that you hear will be 40 to 90 seconds long and in your exam you will face two or three questions of this type.

This is how your computer screen will look like when you are answering this question:

The instructions at the top will always be the same. So, do not waste any time reading them again.

You will have 7 seconds before which the audio will start playing. It is recommended that you use the 7 seconds to quickly read the question and the options. Doing this will focus your mind on what kind of information to listen for. For example, if the question asks you to identify the causes behind Global Warming, then you when you listen to the audio you can pay attention specifically to picking the causes.

Partial credit applies to this question type. This means that if you answer only one or few of the correct options, you will receive marks for the ones you have chosen correctly. But remember, this question type also carries a negative marking. If you end up picking an option that is not correct you will receive a negative score for that. Your overall score though will never go below zero. So, always pick at least one option!

As we know this is a test of your listening skills and will specifically test the following.

Can you understand the main idea in a spoken text?

You should be able to understand a short audio and identify the key theme in it. This is a critical skill that we need in our everyday life. You should be able to identify what the key theme is and how the audio revolves around it.

Can you extract detailed information from what you have heard?

Just as it is important to identify the theme, it is also important to pick out the detailed pieces of information. You should be able to pick opinions, sequence of events, cause and effects, facts, etc. You should also be able to separate key information from supplementary information and main points from examples.

Can you identify the relationships?

When you are listening to an audio you should be able to understand how different pieces of information are linked to each other. For example, you should be able to identify when the speaker talks about a cause and when he talks about its effect.

Can you draw a conclusion?

An indication of a good listening ability is the skill to draw a conclusion from what you have just heard. You should be able to remember and link the various pieces of information that you just heard and build a conclusion based on that.

You may or may not take notes while listening. If you are able to read the question and options quickly in the beginning, then you can just check the options as you listen to the audio. However, you may also want to note down some important information or key points if you think you haven’t yet understood the question and the options fully.

Make sure you always listen the full recording with complete focus. Sometimes an option which might seem to be right in the beginning, is contradicted by the speaker later on.

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