How to increase your PTE Score quickly and easily?

While there are no easy roads to success, there are certain things you can do to give a quick and easy boost to your PTE score. These few things can boost your score by 5 points or more.

Let’s understand this in detail:

PTE Scoring

The overall PTE Academic score is determined by the individual scores in each of the four PTE Academic sections. There are 20 question types in PTE all together. They are all scored on a separate set of parameters. For some question types you have 3~4 parameters, for others you have much more.

To get a very high score, it therefore makes sense to understand all the factors and work on them.

But when you are looking for a quick boost, it is best to not make things complicated. Instead, we recommend the approach in which you improve 1 area in each section.

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Together, these 4 small improvements will boost your PTE score.

4 Tips for boosting your PTE score

These are:

For PTE Speaking score

In this section, just focus on improving the opening statements and the concluding statement in PTE Describe Image and PTE Re-tell Lecture. Almost everyone who is preparing for PTE Academic, wants to get hold of some templates. They even frame their responses using the templates. But the mistake they make – They don’t practice speaking parts of that template.

In any template, your opening and concluding statements will almost always remain the same.

So, why not take advantage of this fact and perfect the speaking part of these templated statements. In rest of your response your fluency, your pronunciation might not be perfect, but there is no reason why it shouldn’t be perfect in the opening and concluding statements.

And, since the speaking score so much depends upon your pronunciation and fluency, if you just focus on this one suggestion, it will increase your score.

For PTE Writing score

In this, focus on improving the vocabulary for your PTE Write essay responses. Always leave 3~4 minutes in the end to review the essay, remove any mistakes and improve it where possible.

One of the simplest improvements that you can do is to improve the choice of words that you have used. If you see that you are using the same word again and again, try to replace it with a synonym.

This will showcase your language diversity and definitely get you some extra points.

For PTE Reading score

In this section, you can see big improvements by focusing on how you approach the PTE Reorder paragraphs questions. In the re-order paragraphs, you don’t get points for putting individual sentences in correct order. You get points for putting each pair in correct order.

Therefore, you should change your approach. Start focusing on arranging pairs in correct orders. This is simpler and will also ensure you always get some points for this question type.

For PTE Listening score

A big mistake which test takers make in the PTE Listening section is that they don’t use their time properly. Often they spend so much time on PTE multiple choice questions or PTE highlight correct summary that they don’t have enough time left for PTE Write from dictation.

Don’t do this mistake! Write from dictation is a simpler question type, which can make a big difference to your score. You should always have sufficient time left to attempt all questions.

Therefore, go into the exam with a proper plan of how much time you will spend on each question type. Our coaches will help you with all of these if you are member of our online PTE course!

Small things make big difference! Follow these suggestions and you will see your score getting a quick boost.

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