7 Best Filler Sentences for PTE Describe Image questions

If you come across a particularly difficult question in the PTE describe image type in your PTE exam, there is a chance you might get stuck! Getting stuck and trying to think of what to say next is something one should always avoid in PTE speaking section. For a high score you should speak in a flow. In such a situation it is useful to keep some filler sentences ready. Instead of pausing and not saying anything speak one of these sentences. In this video you will learn 7 of the best filler sentences for your PTE Describe Image questions. You will also learn when to use each filler sentence.

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At the beginning of your response

If you have just started speaking and you run out of what to say next, you can use one of these filler sentences:

The image in consideration highlights several important points.

There is a lot of significant information contained in this image.

In the middle of your response

If you have spoken well in the beginning but start running out of ideas in the middle, you can use one of these sentences:

But this is not the only point highlighted in the image.

You can use this when you have spoken about one key point, but are trying to think of the second point.

More significant information is contained in the next point.

Alternatively you can use this sentence.

The image can also be looked at from a different perspective.

Use this if the next point is going to be in a different direction than the previous one.

Towards the end of your response

Once you have covered the key points, and before you have spoken the concluding statement, you can use one of the following sentences:

But a conclusion can’t be drawn without looking at other aspects of the image.

With that we have covered the most important points in the image.

Memorize these filler sentences and use them when you need in your describe image answers.

Simply reading the advice won’t help much. Try out some free PTE practice questions and then go through the online PTE course to power up your preparation for PTE.


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