Should you copy paste in PTE Summarize Text?

In the PTE Summarize Text question type you are required to read a text and summarize it in one sentence. A question that many students have is – “Can we just copy paste from the passage and join it into one sentence?”. Like most things in life there is no direct right or wrong. It is about how you do it, and that is what you will learn in this video. Copy paste can be a part of your overall technique for writing summaries, but there are pitfalls that you should be aware of. The article continues after the video.

Will you lose marks if you copy paste?

The straightforward answer is – No! You will not lose marks simply because you chose to copy and paste an answer. However, you will not get the maximum possible marks as well. The PTE software wants to see that you can pick ideas from a text and then combine the most important points in a single sentence. So, if you just copy and paste, you lose the opportunity to add anything from your own side. You lose the opportunity to display your language diversity and your command over the English language. In other words you lose the opportunity to get a high score.

Your first step in writing a summary

As part of your overall method, it is OK to copy and paste when you are beginning to write your summary. But this should only be your very first step. Don’t leave it at just that. Once you have copied and pasted the key points, it is time to add your own magic to it. What are the things that you should do – Change words, replace them with synonyms, change the sentence structures and most importantly connect the parts into one single solid sentence. Don’t just copy and paste and put an “and” between all parts. It is important that you understand the relationship between different parts and then use the appropriate connecting words to connect those parts.

Don’t leave without a review

Even if you copy and paste directly from the passage, there is no guarantee that it will make sense when you put it together. Therefore, always leave some time for a review in the end. Imagine that you are reading the summary for the first time and you don’t know anything about the passage. By reading it are you able to understand the gist of the passage? Or does it raise more questions than it answers?

So those are things which you need to consider if you are planning to follow a copy and paste strategy for your summarize text questions in PTE Academic!

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