Conclusion templates for PTE Describe Image

In the PTE Describe Image questions it is important that you speak in a structured manner. Therefore, it makes sense to keep a few templates in mind. An integral part of a good response for describe images is the conclusion statement. Most templates you come across will have a generic conclusion statement. But you can do better than that and get a higher score. In this video you will learn how to make conclusion statements in a smart way. The article continues below the video.

Try to make a smart conclusion

In the PTE Describe Image,┬ácan always end a response by saying – “In conclusion, this image provides very relevant information.” But such a statement has nothing specific to the image in question. The PTE Academic test software is smart enough to know the difference between a general statement and a specific statement. It will give a better score if you make a statement specific to the image. This is what we call a smart conclusion. You should try to show that you can understand not just what is clearly written on the image, but also the underlying trends or projections. That is the sign of someone who has an advanced grasp over English language.

Template conclusion 1

If however you are unable to pick the finer elements of the image, you can always make a templated statement. There are a few variations that you can use. The first one is:

In conclusion, the image provides significant information about the topic under discussion.

This of course is the most generic statement that you can fit almost anywhere.

Template conclusion 2

If you are able to understand at least the topic, you don’t need to use the previous option. You can make a better conclusion statement. It is:

To conclude, these points and trends are most important for <INSERT TOPIC>.

This will get you a better score than option 1.

Template conclusion 3

Similar to conclusion 2, there is an another option:

In conclusion, the image successfully draws attention towards the key aspects of <INSERT TOPIC>.

So, as you can see there are quite a few options to chose from. The best is to make a smart conclusion based upon the actual image you are speaking about. It requires you understand the key parts and trends and underlying message. If you can’t do that you can use one of the three template options. It is always good to include a conclusion statement in your response because – 1) It makes your response structured and 2) It gives you something easy to talk about.

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