How to avoid negative marking in PTE Academic

PTE Academic has three question types which carry negative marking. You can avoid these negative marks by following a few simple guidelines. In this video you will learn these rules.

Let’s look at which question types have negative marking and what you should do to avoid these negative marks.

Multiple choice Multiple answers in Reading and Listening sections

The PTE Multiple choice Multiple answers in listening section and the PTE Multiple choice Multiple answers in the reading section are the first question types that come to the mind when you think of negative marking in PTE. If you select an option which is not correct you will receive a negative mark, the total score of an individual question though cannot go below zero.

In these questions follow these simple rules:

  1. Always pick at least one option – After all the score cannot go below zero. So whether you answer wrong or don’t answer at all, you will get zero. So always make your best guess and pick at least one option.
  2. Always pick all options that you are confident about – If you are confident about 2 options or 3 options or more, you should pick them all. The key here is your confidence level.
  3. If you are confident about only 1 option – Pick just that one option and get a safe positive score. Don’t risk it by making any guesses.

Highlight incorrect words

The other question type which has negative marking is Highlight incorrect words in the listening section of PTE. If you click on words that are not “incorrect” you will get negative marks for them.

For this question type, these are the rules that you should follow:

  1. Click on a word only if sure – No random clicking. If you are sure that the word is incorrect, click on it.
  2. Don’t change your selections after the audio has ended – Once the audio has ended you might feel like reading and double checking the words you have highlighted. Avoid doing this because the chances are that you got them right in the first time when you were listening. Now you will only create doubts in your mind.
  3. Change only if you clicked on a wrong word, knowingly – Sometimes, by accident you can click on the adjacent word. If you know that you have selected a word by mistake, then for sure go ahead and unselect it.

Follow the systematic approach we have just discussed and you will avoid negative marking in most cases.

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