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We understand how important PTE Academic is for you. A good score in this exam will make it easier for you to process your visa application and achieve your goal of studying or living in your dream country.

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The Sure Way English team consists of PTE experts who together help hundreds of students each week in their PTE journey.

Our online course is the result of years of experience teaching PTE and IELTS to students from all over the world. We have put everything into this course that you need to get a high score in your exam. Whether it is discussing super methods in details, sharing tips and tricks, providing templates or guiding you in practice sessions, we have covered everything in this course. On top of that we have also provided more than 100 tests and full length mock tests and even FREE Grammar and Vocabulary courses to make sure you have all you need to succeed!

Our team is made up of PTE and English language experts spread across the world! We are based in Australia, New Zealand, India and United Kingdom. We all love teaching English and we all love having fun. Meet some of our members, in their most beautiful avatars:

Alice Sure Way English PTE

Alice, Student Coordinator

An out and out Melbourne girl, Alice makes sure our students are happy and get any support they need in their course. She coordinates among students and course instructors, answers all your queries and sends out news and updates every now and then. When not at Sure Way English, she can be found shopping in Melbourne alleyways or checking out the new coffee places in the city.

Sam Sure Way English PTE

Scott, PTE Instructor

Scott is a Kiwi, who flew over to Australia. Now based in Melbourne, he has been teaching PTE Academic coursesfor the last three years at Sure Way English. Before that he spent several years helping students with IELTS in Wellington and Auckland. Scott loves everything new age and makes time for his Yoga class every week! He hopes to publish his own mystery novel some day!

Frances Sure Way English PTE

Frances, Lead Content Creator

Frances, based in Manchester, leads the team that creates all our educational content. Every question that you see on our YouTube channels or in our courses, is a result of rigorous research and quality checks done by Frances and her team.She lives in Manchester with her husband and two little kids and volunteers at the local Salvation Army chapter.


Rohit Sure Way English PTE

Rohit, Course Lead

Arguably, the smartest cookie in the box, Rohit leads the overall PTE program at Sure Way English.
He would like you to know that he has a 9 band IELTS, 89 PTE and a 750 GMAT score! He has been a part of several educational ventures and is always thinking of making the Sure Way English courses even better! A fan of Richmond Tigers and Films of all kinds, he competes with Alice for the title of The Greatest Coffee Warrior at Sure Way English!

Sam Sure Way English PTE

Sam, PTE Instructor

Sam has been teaching IELTS and PTE even before the invention of Internet. OK! that is an exaggeration, but this guy has a looooottttt of experience. Anything you want to know about these exams, Sam is your walking talking encyclopedia. He divides time between improving and updating the course and answering to any student queries related to the exam. He loves the lifestyle of Wellington but often flies over to Melbourne to catch up with the rest of the team.

Megan Sure Way English PTE

Megan, Lead Programmer

All this that you see here –
the website, the courses, the software – is a creation of Megan and her team of smart developers. A graduate of RMIT Megan’s interests lie in educational technology. Before hopping over to Sure Way English, she spent several years with Pearsons developing their educational softwares. She, like most of her tribe, is a fan of Star Wars, though has occasionally also been spotted with Twilight novels!

James Sure Way English PTE

James, Content Creator

The youngest member of our team, James, works with Frances in making sure all our content is top class! He spends hours researching educational texts to prepare the most relevant and suitable content for our courses. James can often been seen chatting with Frances over Skype, as they discuss the pros and cons of including a question in the course. Someday this young man will write a famous movie script and we will be so proud that he once worked with us 🙂

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