7 Big Rumours about PTE Academic

PTE Academic has quickly become the preferred English proficiency tests for visa requirements. Along with popularity of the the test, rumours and misinformation has also grown manifold. Watch this video to know the 7 Biggest PTE rumours that you should be aware of. Article text follows the video.

If you come across anyone who wants you to believe these things in the name of inside information or tips and tricks, just run away from that person. Hard work and dedicated preparation is still the one and only sure shot way of getting a high score in PTE Academic. There is no substitute for a good PTE coaching program!

In speaking, it doesn’t matter what you say

Absolutely false statement! The so called “experts” want you to believe that you can get a high score with just their tips and tricks and don’t need to work hard on the preparation. After all, who can refuse the offer of an easy score? Truth is, what you say is very important. Pearson has built a very sophisticated exam software which can clearly understand whether you are speaking on the point or just giving a rubbish response.

This <question type> contributes maximum marks

There are people who will want you to believe that one question type or another carries the most marks and that is what you should focus on. Again, the truth is noone really knows how many marks overall are contributed by each question type! Pearson doesn’t disclose the weightage assigned to each question type. So, take the safer route and prepare everything.

Use this templates for full marks

How many times have you seen in videos or heard from “experts” that you can use their template and easily get full marks. Things aren’t that simple unfortunately! A template is good if you are aiming for a mid level score, but if you really want a high score, you should be able to prepare a response from scratch or at the minimum┬áhave many templates for different situations.

Don’t use backspace/delete

One of the biggest and silliest statements circulating on the Internet and in chat groups! Ignore it totally. It doesn’t matter if you use backspace while writing. What matters is your final response.

Speak as fast as you can

There is a good chance you have been told by someone or other to speak as fast as you can in PTE. This is not a race! Speaking fast can help in some cases, as it can neutralize your accent to some extent. But if you speak too fast, you run the risk that noone including the computer will understand you. So, spend some time practicing PTE questions and figure out the right pace for yourself.

Pearson released new questions on <this date>

To sell their repeated question banks, many websites make such false claims. Simply, to make you think that they have the latest questions. Pearson doesn’t make such announcements!┬áMost likely they introduce some new questions every single day. It is an ongoing thing. If you come across a PTE website which says something like this, ignore it totally.

PTE exam has easier questions on <this day of the week>

PTE Exam has the same level on all days! Prepare yourself well and give the exam on any day that is convenient for you. Don’t pay any attention to this rumour.

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