3 tricks to come up with ideas for PTE Essays!

We have often heard PTE test takers say how difficult they find to come up with ideas for the PTE Write Essay questions. It is true that writing a well structured, precise essay in 20 minutes can be challenging for many. Under pressure, it is difficult to come up with good points. However, you can follow some simple methods to generate ideas for your essays. Watch this video to learn those!

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Reasons for not getting ideas for essays

The most common reasons why test takers are unable to come up with ideas while writing essays are:

  1. Not being able to understand the essay topic – If you are not able to understand the essay topic, writing about it will be a big challenge.
  2. Panic – Sometimes due to a lack of confidence in writing abilities, a test taker can panic and simply give up on writing a good essay.
  3. Finding some unfamiliar words – If the essay topic or prompt contains some unfamiliar words, it can make it difficult to grasp what is being asked.

Whatever the reason be it is important to get started from somewhere. Simply staring at the essay topic will not help much.

Let’s look at the things you can do in such a situation.

Think in your mother tongue

We might have a hard time coming up with ideas in English, but if we just translate the essay topic word by word into our mother tongue, we will be able to come up with a number of ideas. Even if you are not able to understand the essay topic or some words in it, start with translating whatever you can understand. Once you do that, you will be able to understand the rest in a much better way.

Pick words and expand them

If you start with one word in the essay topic, you can then come with words related to it. For example – “travel” will lead you to journey, foreign, currency, airplanes, etc. Think of the initial words as seed words. Using them you can come up with many other words and ideas.

If you continue this process you will end up with a number of related words, each of which is a potential idea you can write about. We discuss this process in detail in the write essay section of our PTE course.

Write on the best three

Then from all the words and ideas that you have, take the ones which seem the best – in terms of lines that you can write and how logically and easily they align with the essay topic. Take each idea and expand it fully when you write. Add an example to make it more robust.

This simple process will lead you to a good essay! So never think that you cannot come up with ideas. You can! All you need to do is follow the right process, as we just discussed in this article.

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